The team of experts assembled as part of the Managed Care Community of Practice in I/DD will offer core trainings and develop learning collaboratives focused on the preparation for, and transition to, managed care.  The importance of data collection and outcome measurement, key financial, administrative and services capabilities, and the importance of contracting, health information technology and demonstrating value will be covered, in depth.


A self-assessment for providers was launched in early September to establish baseline information on each provider agency’s familiarity with managed care and managed care organizations.  The assessment covers all key aspects of organizational preparedness, including communication/reporting and service authorizations, IT requirements, utilization management, finance and billing and other categories of processes, practices and change management activities necessary to effectively prepare for and enter into a business relationship with a managed care organization.  The assessment will help each provider understand where their strengths lie and where they need to concentrate their preparedness efforts.  The assessment will also help direct the means and methods by which the Managed Care Community of Practice in I/DD resources are deployed.


The Managed Care Community of Practice will also establish facilitated regional networks and learning collaboratives to provide I/DD agencies with the opportunity to address areas of common concern, identify and address outstanding issues, facilitate communication and collaboration and share best practices for replication.  Both in-person trainings and a series of webinars will offer providers opportunities to learn about health systems and emerging networks.